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PhD thesis: Closing the loop. Driving a Post-Consumer Clothing Circular Economy (2018 - 2021)


Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow. Funded by the Economic Social Research Council (ESRC) in collaboration with the Ethical Consumer Research Association. Administered in Scotland by the Scottish Graduate School of Social Science (SGSSS).


Dr Lynn Wilson has recently completed an in-depth qualitative academic thesis, which addresses post-consumer clothing circularity and the shift from a linear to a circular economy. Lynn conducted her field work in Edinburgh during 2020. Her research addresses the issue of how contamination and misalignment occur in clothing reuse, recycling and fibre to fibre closed loop technologies. The purpose of the PhD is to contribute new knowledge to systems thinking related to clothing circulation, disposal and new models of clothing access.


Lynn was awarded 1st runner up in the 2020 SGSSS Knowledge Exchange Impact Awards. The award included £500 towards to cost of additional knowledge exchange dissemination work. Lynn will host an event in May 2021 about the findings of her research.

You can find out more about the PhD at:

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