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Circular Economy Wardrobe (CEW) is a non-profit educational platform that provides knowledge and resources in the field of circular fashion to support the transition to circular fashion systems. CEW offers an opportunity to discuss and critique; circular fashion systems such as fashion leasing, rental, material advancements (closed loop), holistic practices (mending, repair and reuse) and the circulation of clothing within the recycling industry.
Founded by Dr Lynn Wilson, CEW aims to promote the wider adoption of circular practices by the fashion and textile industry. It also serves to inform consumers about circular fashion and encourage more considered consumptions.
At CEW we are particularly focused on the voices of young consumers, and we encourage, new designers and young consumers to get in touch with us and get involved!

Circular Fashion. What’s your moonshot? | Lynn Wilson | TEDxBath

Circular Fashion. What’s your moonshot? | Lynn Wilson | TEDxBath

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Meet the people who provided resources and developed the discussion of CEW


Read the academic and commercial research projects conducted by Dr. Lynn Wilson on the subject of circular fashion


Read the blog posts written by those with strong interests in circular fashion and other related news stories


Develop your wider understanding of circular fashion and the need for it through professional sites


Watch the personal projects designed by previous research assistants to inform the public about circular fashion


Browse our list of relevant and insightful texts dedicated to exploring circular fashion in detail


Attend upcoming events to learn about circular fashion directly from professionals and watch previous events


Read and listen to accounts done on CEW


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