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Circular Design Scotland

Learn how we are closing in on a fully circular future this World Circular Textiles Day!

On the 8th of October, Circular Design Scotland Ltd and Circular Economy Wardrobe founder Dr Lynn Wilson will bring WCTD to Scotland for the first time since the event was founded by fellow circular textile researchers. The aim of this event is to develop knowledge of how Scotland can support the growth of a fully circular textile future and establish a guideline for what all stakeholders can do to bring this goal closer to becoming a reality.

The day will begin with a presentation by Dr Wilson about her recent project work at the Centre for Circular Design, University of the Arts, London, founding organisation of #WCTD. This will be followed by presentations and updates from textile practitioners, Joan Johnston (founder of Ava Innes, producer of cashmere guard hair and Scottish wool duvets), Maija Nygren (founder of AlmaBorealis and knit designer, aiming to educate children on clothing circularity) and Shirley McLauchlan, Niki Taylor and Collette Paterson (textile researchers at the University of Edinburgh).

Later in the day, there will be an in-conversation, with Dr Wilson and Anna Freemantle-Zee, international fashion model, founder and creative director of Edinburgh International Fashion Festival and circular fashion ambassador. Together, they will examine what technology and heritage practices are occurring in the luxury fashion sector, to work towards a circular fashion and textile future.

There will also be involvement from sustainable leaders such as Fashion Revolution, Smartworks Edinburgh and Sustainable Fashion Scotland. This will conclude with a networking event to let you talk directly with the speakers and other like-minded attendants.

This will be a free event that anyone with an interest in circular fashion and textiles, whether that be a buyer, a maker or an organisation, and welcome all questions after all the presentations are done. Tickets are limited and can be downloaded here:


More About WCTD:

WCTD is an opportunity to report and applaud all the achievements made by companies, organisations and individuals in creating a 100% circular world by 2050. Before this day, a digital time capsule will be filled with all these achievements to provide a record of the development towards this goal.

This event was originally co-founded by Gwen Cunningham, Rebecca Earley, Kate Goldsworthy and Cyndi Rhoades along with many other organisations sharing this goal. New members are joining each year to share case studies of their achievements.

Visit the main website for more information on WCTD:

Watch the WCTD 2021 recording to prepare for the day:

Past Events

Consumer Information Conference

An exciting opportunity for businesses to come together and share their own journeys towards sustainability with their offerings to improve public behaviours and discuss how this can be scaled to the mainstream. This will be particularly interesting if you are a part of the e-commerce, fashion and food sector and curious about the impact of consumer information in fostering sustainable behaviour in individuals. If this sounds like an event made for you, more information can be found:

Consumer Information Conference
The Role of Product Sustainability Information to Engage Consumers and Businesses on Product Lifetime Extension

If you are interested in the event above but hold a stronger interest in how the fashion sector is addressing this, Dr Lynn Wilson FRSA will be moderating a panel specifically dedicated to this. During this, a range of representatives from fashion across the globe will be presenting how they have utilised product lifetime extension practices and reliable product sustainability information to improve consumer behaviour while encouraging other brands to adopt better models. These will include the members of projects such as Lina’ Closet to social movements like Fashion Revolution. You can find more information about these panellists and the topic of their discussion here: Fashion | One Planet network. From here, you will have a link to registering for the whole event, but you only need to enter on the September 16th between 14:00 to 16:00 CEST. Although, it might be beneficial to take a peek at the other sessions if circularity is where your overall interests lie.

Glasgows Sustainable Future.jpg

Adam Smith Business School
Accelerating Glasgow's Sustainable Future: Mobilising the Circular Textiles Route Map

We’re excited to announce our 'Accelerating Glasgow’s Sustainable Future' event! Join speaker 
@LynnIWilson to learn more about fashion consumption and the #circulareconomy.


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