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BBC Scotland, The Nine  (16/08/2019)



TEDx talk "Circular fashion: Taking a moonshot for planet earth"

In the Loop "Circular Fashion, Zero Waste, and Closing Textile Loops with Lynn Wilson | Getting in the Loop Podcast" (03/03/2019)









World Vision Ireland  "WARDROBE CHANGE: Reimagining Fashion podcast series" (24/04/2020)










Consumers International Blog "In a time of consumer confusion, the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals provide a thread to hold onto" (15/03/2020)


Innovators Magazine  Innovators Magazine, Biotech edition, Feb 2020 (05/02/2020)







The National "Why fashion has key a role in Scotland's zero-carbon drive" (18/01/2020)









The Scotsman (14/01/2020)    


RSA Student Design Awards Blog "Design students: Your planet needs you to make fashion circular" (19/12/2019)





Ethical Consumer "Closing the clothing loop: pushing for a circular economy in fashion" (06/09/2019)




The Guardian "Return of the jelly shoe sparks concerns for environment" (13/07/2019)







A&DS "Blog – Less is more : Designing for a Circular Economy" (11/01/2019)





Business Insider "Scotland's fashion sector is embracing the circular economy this Christmas - here's how you can too" (12/12/2018)


Eco-Age "What Does Online Shopping During Lockdown Mean for the Environment?" (12/05/2020)


Circular Fashion. What’s your moonshot? | Lynn Wilson | TEDxBath

Circular Fashion. What’s your moonshot? | Lynn Wilson | TEDxBath

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