• Lynn Wilson

Dear Santa, I'm Just a luxury Taurean trying to save the planet…..

Dear Santa,

I’ve had an incredible year and I’ve worked really hard. As you know I’m a Taurean and I love the splendid luxury side of life. You have always been very generous and kind and so I’m sure you’ll understand this letter. I hope I catch you before tomorrow…..

This year, I really don’t need any more stuff! I know you will be flying around tomorrow at the speed of light trying to work out the best way to get a good Black Friday deal on something that you know I have loved in the past or you think will be a great gift this year. You might even be tempted by the incentive gifts of buying stuff, or a two for three if you buy two stuff’s that you think I might like but don’t know for sure and so just buy extra discounted stuff just to be safe…... I’m a Taurean, I know what I like and with the greatest of love and respect Santa, sometimes you don’t and then I have to give your gifts away, unsure if the next person will use it or stick it in a drawer.

Us Taureans, we love fun and laughter and getting very merry regardless if it’s Christmas or not and so often the gift of people’s time is the most special thing. Hanging out with my favourite friends and meeting interesting new people is a real gift and so if you have any vouchers for restaurants, concerts and events that would be really handy but remember I’m choosy so if you’re not sure it’s my thing please don’t hesitate to ask me I’ll respond to subtle queries or big direct questions like – Would you like tickets for the Spice Girls reunion tour? – I said luxury, not Posh.....mwah mwah.

You see, what seemed like a super treat could have been a disaster!

If you really feel at the end of it all I deserve a lovely parfum or you want to make sure I keep those wrinkles at bay a gift voucher is always really helpful to have throughout the year. I will use it when I’ve ran out of stuff that needs to be replaced giggling with delight when I remember I have a voucher to spend six months later.

Ultimately, what I really want is for you to come on over on Christmas day, help me indulge in fairly traded chocolate truffles and champagne, give me a hug, laugh at my jokes and help me really experience simple pleasures in this crazy world we live in.

It’s a tough year ahead Santa! I need help sustaining my positivity so if you don’t mind thinking about how to help me throughout the year without a 5 minute Black Friday shopping frenzy deal, you’ll find even for a luxurious Taurean, I’m really cheap and easy to please.

Thank you for reading this letter!

Lots of love,

Lynn xx

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