• Lynn Wilson

Eau de Cognitive Dissonance

Dear Mr Lagerfeld,

I have been a huge fan for many years from a distance. I have coveted your collections and consoled myself with the things I could afford - one lipstick per season, silky foundations, No.5 Parfum and endless pots of moisturiser that I have convinced myself has kept those laughter lines at bay.... However, I always knew you were a guilty pleasure and that eventually No.5 would need to be replaced by a different scent that's caring and open, gentle and kind and smells of a fresh beautiful planet.

You are not the leader of the only brand to sell in China where the bunnies and small fluffy things just don't matter. You are not the only brand to not disclose the secrets of your beauty treats. Or to tell one story of your commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility but yet show no evidence of doing anything pro active. You are sadly the only designer arrogant enough to cut down trees that have withstood wars and winters and at 100 years old reaching their prime of beauty and grace. Yes they can be replaced with 100 young saplings with the click of a finger but really Mr Lagerfeld, was it really necessary for a stunning image and a few sparse hours to cut down those trees.

And so today as I write this I am wearing the last of my Chanel No.5, the last ever and I will wear it with cognitive dissonance knowing that your arrogance in the name of Coco knows no bounds. In a world so dangerous and sad I trusted you to create beauty and fill my eyes with joy from your couturier. I think of those wonderful tailors sewing on all of the beautiful beads, crystals and jewels and I wonder if they are really more beautiful that the 100 year old trees..... It would not be in the spirit of my writing to wish you to live to 100 just so that someone could cut you down at the ankle, the world is full of poison and I don't want to spread anymore it is a terrible vision to think of living to 100 and being cut down at the ankle.

Goodbye Mr Lagerfeld we will not support each other again.

Yours sincerely,

in Cognitive Dissonance.


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