Circular fashion for a social purpose

Welcome to Circular Economy Wardrobe; the hub of all things circular fashion. 


We are evolving from a research project  to a social enterprise that focuses on supporting Scottish households on their journey to making sustainably aware clothing choices. 


Emerging from the panic of the global fast fashion crisis, we provide helpful tips and advice to those who wish to turn attention from their wardrobes and spending habits toward the 'circular economy.'

"Circular Economy Wardrobe aims to support the transition to the circular economy where we have less stuff in our homes but more experiences with our products. We can still enjoy the creative expression of our clothes, furniture and homes without the rest of the world paying the price. The move to a circular economy is about doing design better and differently. It is about economy and growth and how we do that whilst reducing the impact on rapidly depleting global resources. It is complex and at the same time simple – there is no alternative, we only have one planet for life."


Lynn Wilson, Founder of CEW




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